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Hoop Yoga for Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Note: Feel free to use the exercises below with a rope, staff or stick. Also, simply performing them as natural yoga asanas is just as excellent.

Anatomical Region: Below the sternum; Navel area

Colour: Yellow

Element: Fire

Purpose: Self-Respect, Self-Discipline, Self- Determination

Helps eliminate or reduce anxiety, fears, judgements

Poses Featured:

• Mountain Pose • Tree Pose • Leg Extension w/ Twist • Eagle Pose • Dancer Pose •


This meditation can be performed by sitting or standing.

Begin by staring at the chakra image below for 20 seconds. Close your eyes. Bring the memorized image into focus, and steady your breath. Place your hands in a namaste gesture in front of your navel center. Begin rapidly rubbing your hands together, until you form a sense of heat. When you achieve the sensation, start to part your hands gently, feeling the energy between the two palms. Now, imagine the chakra image between your hands, as the source of your energy, your inner fire (agni). Move your hands up, down and around like you are holding a crystal ball. At this moment, begin reciting, vocally or silently to yourself, the mantra "RAM". Each time you say the mantra, imagine your inner fire growing brighter and stronger. When you feel ready to release the meditation, invite the energy back into your solar plexus with your hands, visualizing it as a bright yellow light gently surrounding and supporting all parts of you.

Optional meditation music here


Solar Plexus Hoop Yoga Flow

Flow Video


Remember to listen to your body. If be, avoid poses that bring you any discomfort. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the practice, please contact me at









Flow Video

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