Kombos Kosmos accentuates the artist's world of knots; hence the name. (Κόμπος Κόσμος) 

Macramé, has become an integral part of today's modern society. One might create household items and accessories through the art of knots. Some, and most often, make beautiful abstract pieces of jewelry, merely using different and ancient styles of knotting techniques. 
Macramé, stumbled into my life, after seeing the most free woman I have ever laid my eyes upon, knotting away at a necklace with a tiger's eye stone. Her spirit and art, send a wave of inspiration in me, which, to this day continues to inspire my flow of art. In all fields possible; macramé, dance, movement and so much more. 
Welcome to my knotted world. In this world, you will only find unique pieces, just as unique as yourself. 
In current matters, Kombos Kosmos is co-creating magical sacred geometry pieces with the infamous and darling spirits of
Inphinity Design and Shambhala Barcelona

For personal inquiries or just to stay updated on the knotted journey, please give a follow to the Instagram and Facebook pages @kombos.kosmos   

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