AuraLogica Yoga 

Engages different practices of Yoga, Dance and Calisthenics to encourage a more natural and mindful movement experience. Most practices are complimented with the discipline of breath work that help achieve more awareness to dynamic, static, and equilibrated movements in a practice.

"Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame." ~B.K.S. Iyengar

Hatha-Yin & Yang-Vinyasa Yoga

Hatha-Yin Yoga is a combination of asanas (yoga postures) which are complimented with the practice of pranayama (breathing exercises). Asanas are kept basic, between beginner and intermediate methods. This is a more relaxed style that aids the body to open, strengthen, and release tension. In some cases, postures can be held for longer periods of time (5-10min), where the person is asked to concentrate and connect their attention in performing slow, deep, and controlled breaths.


Vinyasa - Yang Yoga, the opposite of Yin or Hatha Yoga, yet, still continues to work with the practice of pranayama. In Yang yoga, the sequence of movements are more dynamic, which flow into postures where they invite inhalation through extension and exhalation through contraction. Vinyasa-Yang yoga builds endurance, strength, and focus throughout the duration of the practice. Guided sessions include creative and flowy sequencing that embrace an intention for the practice. Some examples might include intentions in trust, empowerment, calmness, and patience.

PArtner Yoga

Partnering with a friend, a loved one or a stranger can help build a foundation of trust, improving communication and finding balance while guiding each other into different postures. Breathing exercises compliment well at the beginning, middle and end of the practice. Sharing a slow and controlled breathing rhythm with a partner can bring a sense of security and peace through the practice. Also, during the practice partners have the chance to feel each other's heartbeat in specific exercises, which help invoke feelings of universal love. Partner Yoga is a fun and dynamic way to invite people, unfamiliar with Yoga, to give it a try.

Hula Hoop & Yoga

The hula hoop was originated by Native American culture. The hoop was used as a prop in their traditional dances, to demonstrate both static and dynamic shapes, which were to represent various animals, symbols and storytelling elements (Wikipedia).
By combining yoga with a hula hoop, can assist an individual to connect better with their personal practice, and help build foundations of strength, coordination and balance. 

Hula Hoop dance and exercise are a fantastic way to build fluidity onto different parts of one's body, such as the chest, midsection, and hips. It can help with coordination when attempting varied tricks that require twirling, rolling, and throwing. A regular hula hoop practice strengthens the core and upper body muscles that support the torso, which in turn, can help in the reduction of lower back pain.

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga is a growing practice that gives children the chance to experience the benefits of yoga in a fun, creative and imaginative way. Kids can have a lot of energy that needs to be released. By engaging them into dynamic, playful and short sequences can be a perfect way for them to put their energy into focus. In a normal class, kids are guided through basic yoga postures, where they are complimented with stories, sounds and interactive play. Sessions are roughly around 45 minutes to an hour, depending on ages.
Kids Yoga also combines methods of Hula Hoop Yoga and Partner Yoga to create a more interesting practice for the children. 


-There are many approaches to yoga practice. Whether you are looking for health benefits, spiritual deepening, or simply a way to destress at the end of a long day, yoga has something to offer.

"Yoga is not about whether you’re in full splits or have your feet behind your head"; "Feeling your spirit in the pose is your priority." ~ Ana Forrest

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