' aura (ôr′ē) + logica (from the Ancient Greek: λογική, logikḗ); combination of these two words builds the foundation which is, to formally embrace and respect all in every layer of their abstract being.'

Georgia Aurelia Kollias, has studied and graduated from the Lethbridge College with a diploma in Exercise Science. She is also a proud graduate of the Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Program, of AYM Rishikesh 200RYT, and of Cosmic Kids Yoga Teacher Program. With Georgia's continuous thirst in acquiring education in physiology, she's had a successful run at being a self taught yogi, hula hooper, dancer and macramé jewelry artist.

As Georgia learns from traveling the world, she is proud to have become part of volunteer communities such as WorkAway, Wwoofing, and YogaTrade. These communities have given her and others the chance to travel, and to learn from being part of many sustainable projects. With these opportunities, it has given Georgia the chance to exchange her knowledge in yoga and hula hoop to the communities she becomes a part of. 

Over recent years, she has adapted a life between Spain and Canada, where she grows her skills in teaching yoga, hoop and calisthenics, privately and to groups, to both kids and adults. 

Georgia is a strong believer of inviting as little as five minutes of movement into our daily lives to invoke a sense of calmness and love within the self. Follow Georgia's "Mindful Movement Monday" weekly posts on Instagram 

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